Agorist Marketplace

Agorists and workshops can be found all over the campsite. Our list is starting grow. Message us to be added!

Lysander Spooner Whiskey Brigade

Lysander Spooner Whiskey Brigade

Madi profile for vending tee shirts

Come get your AnarCon t-shirts! This is also your stop for your free commemorative AnarCon cup and a free themed drink in memory of Champions of Liberty, Daniel Grysen and Chris Davis.

Smokin' Gnome Food Shack banner

Smokin' Gnome Food Shack

Smokin' Gnome Food Shack profile

I will be serving smoked pulled pork, smoked beef burnt ends, smoked chicken, burgers, dogs for mains. Sides will be Mac N Cheese, slaw, cucumber & onion salad, fries possibly something else. Will also have bbq taco options.

Mutual Aid (12 step) Meeting banner

Mutual Aid (12 step) Meeting

Mutual Aid (12 step) Meeting profile

A mutual aid (12 step) recovery meeting for those who don't drink or use any other substances. Find the workshop on Saturday from 2 - 3 PM by the tents. Look for the sign. Bring a chair.

Get Baked! banner

Get Baked!

Get Baked! profile

Lots of delicious brownies, cookies, and coffee.

Agora Market Stand banner

Agora Market Stand

Agora Market Stand profile

Lots of farm fresh produce, farm animals to pet, raw milk, and guns.

Libertarian Party Sober Caucus banner

Libertarian Party Sober Caucus

Libertarian Party Sober Caucus profile

The Sober Caucus will have literature outlining their mission and vision as well as books by author Ashur Azzo.

The Unplugged Store banner

The Unplugged Store

The Unplugged Store profile

All the products and services for unplugging from the system - radios and off-grid power will be on display.

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus banner

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus

Libertarian Party Mises Caucus profile

Our purpose is to promote economic literacy within the Libertarian Party as taught by the Austrian school of economics.

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